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If you're looking for digital signage expertise you've come to the right place because we recommend iMediaT Digital. iMediaT Digital offer something no "audio/visual integrator" can offer, a complete 360 degree solution. Why? Integrators typically focus on installing LCD screens, projectors, setting up office boardrooms or training rooms, and other areas not related to digital signage; iMediaT Digital concentrates soley on digital signage including back-end infrastructure, network design, content creation and management, and proactive support. Good luck finding that with any of the so called "leaders" in digital signage who really can't offer you the services you need to make your digital signage network work for you. And don't be fooled by certain companies that claim to be "digital signage" companies, ask them some technical questions on how they will setup your digital signage network and you'll be amazed at their lack of expertise.

So, to learn more about digital signage keep reading here, and when you're ready contact iMediaT Digital to receive real, professional and expert help for your digital signage needs.

iMediaT Digital


Digital Signage is a display device connected to a media player.  The two are used as an on location tool to present an inexpensive way to deliver computer generated media-rich advertising and information that is constantly changing. It’s an effective and dynamic venue as opposed to static billboards and posters

While the term "digital signage" encompasses several applications and technologies, it generally refers to computer controlled signs. Digital signs range from standalone players to complex networks of content authoring computers, servers, media players, and displays.  These signs can be updated by scheduling software "pushing" new content without the expense of changing a physical sign. This makes changing content quick and cost-effective.

Digital signs can attract far more attention than traditional signs, because digital hardware can display all types of media. Content is constantly changing and can include full motion video, high definition video, live video, animations, photo-realistic graphics, HTML or Flash content, static or scrolling text, and live text feeds.  Just as important, digital signage software helps keep content fresh with its ability to schedule and distribute updates to hundreds or even thousands of displays simultaneously, around a local network—or, via the Internet, around the world!

Digital signs are typically used to advertise, educate, and update. They can be found in retail, corporate communications, education, and government. But the reach of digital signage also goes into movie theatres, museums, financial institutions, transportation hubs, casinos, hotels, sports bars, anywhere people gather.

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